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Energy Speak


Bringing the latest in NLP and conversational AI technologies together with support needs in the electricity and mobility sectors

This project has a broad and ambitious mission to bring the latest in NLP and conversational AI technologies together with electricity and mobility sector domain knowledge to create an AI assisted conversational interface for energy consumers.

The Energy Speak project is building an open library of language based intents that represent the key interactions of consumers with the electricity system. These can be used in conjuction with new chat technologies to provide a rigorous and testable pathway to achieve AI automation of the electric home.

Some of the key use cases for these interfaces include for natural language enabled support are; encouraging simplicity and impartiality, making energy more explainable and simple for consumers, and reducing costs for supporting an increasingly complex set of products and services.

Other use cases include language commands and basic questions and answering for electric vehicles and V2X technologies.


Project Stage

Technology Demonstrator

Date Commenced

Feb 2020

Next Milestone

Oct 2022, release of technology demonstrator

Project Impact

In use with 50m energy customers globally by 2030

Target Markets


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