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CAPA\ provides research, impact and operational cyber intelligence across electricity grids and markets.

CAPA is a new project that is exploring the intersection of cyber-resilience and the massive growth of energy IoT devices and systems that are forming part of our new power system.

Our electricity grid is critical infrastructure, and now millions of small devices are forming an ever-growing part of that landscape. How do we understand the threats? How can we move to new models of zero trust computing? How do we detect issues when they emerge in any part of the global supply chain? And finally, how do we work with regulators to build new systems and regulations to ensure that are systems remain secure into the immediate future?


Project Stage

Technology Demonstrator

Date Commenced

Feb 2022

Next Milestone

Nov 2022, alpha testing.

Project Impact

10m more EVs on the road by 2035

Target Markets

US, Europe, North Asia, ANZ

Level 2,
Building 2
48 Easey Street,