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We are a team of entrepreneurs commercialising technologies in AI, electrification and cyber-resilience.

We are short of time.

We are short of time. We all know we have this decade – and this decade only – to extend the human habitability on this planet. This means more founders and more startups working towards global scale.

Accelerate trajectory.

We harness the best technologists, entrepreneurs and domain experts to accelerate the transition to net zero. Our experience tells us that reaching net zero will not be easy, and will require all of the ingenuity and focus that we can harness

Fill the gaps.

Passionate and focused on building great products with clear purpose, we are dedicating our focus to bringing new projects, products and companies into existance that can fill these gaps, and accelerate our trajectory towards a sustainable, and more sophisticated world.

Strategic Technology Enablers

We strategise on technology, look for long term outcomes and weave a vision that supports viable near term solutions to the climate challenge.

Artificial Intelligence

We need to recognise that artificial intelligence will operate a large part of our energy and transport systems within the next ten years. Our AI research is focused on finding the most intuitive customer experience possible, and with strong ethical foundations; privacy, trust, transparency and empowerment in combination with breathless efficiency.

Autonomy and cyber

The world of AI and autonomous systems is moving rapidly, which comes with many opportunities and also a number of new risks. Our cybersecurity and resilience projects  focus on practical applications to use AI to improve the security and resilience of critical infrastructure.

Home Electrification

Buildings are evolving towards generating their own energy, our cars are becoming mobile storage units, and our appliances are flexing with available cheap energy. Our product development focuses on automation, AI and consumer experience that can deliver a wide range of low cost energy and e-mobility services the fully electrified home.

We build with purpose

We run projects and build companies

Who we work with

CTA collaborates
with a range of sectors and organisations to get us closer to the large scale transition to electrification

Startups, tech research labs

Energy and utilities, markets

Solar, storage, smart home, automotive

Government and corporate in public policy

We commercialise

innovative software centric technologies with the potential to support our path to net zero.

We partner

with the some of the biggest and best technology companies, research labs and universities to get outcomes.

We advise

institutions, boards, executives and policy makers on advanced AI, automation, climate and ethics.

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